Ride For Revenge​/​Retaliator

by Eternal Champion

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Count Bergaby
Count Bergaby thumbnail
Count Bergaby Raw and Epic. This is how Heavy Metal should sound.
Carter Dotson
Carter Dotson thumbnail
Carter Dotson This was a fantastic intro to Eternal Champion's show in Dallas in March 2017
Jackie Wacklin
Jackie Wacklin thumbnail
Jackie Wacklin It's like an epic fantasy movie put into a sound format. Great groove, riffs and vocal melodies. Just the way I like it.
Skyler Isaac
Skyler Isaac thumbnail
Skyler Isaac Bought this one just for the amazing cover art. Thankfully, the epic fantasy metal that comes with it is also pretty damn good.
Keenan Johnston
Keenan Johnston thumbnail
Keenan Johnston Awesome old-school epic heavy metal with great fantasy lyrics and cover art to go along with it. Their debut LP comes out in a few weeks and I'l be picking it up for sure.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote Reminds me of brochus helm right down to the poor production. True metal retro mania.
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New track "Retaliator" with intro (Ride For Revenge) out on No REMORSE RECORDS MARCH 6TH



Arioch! Knight of Swords, deceitful god.
Beyond the sealed sign of chaos. I held your heart, destroyed it.
So Arkyn, Law may right the scale when the balance falls.
Glandyth will ride and I will follow. When he's under my blade, then I can die.

I've banished Gods, The Rulers of Swords and giants, I do not fear The Dog and The Bear.

Fhoi Myore, you ride in mist by chariot.
Bryionak, Retaliator! From an ancient forge the anvils sing!
The Dagdagh Harp, I fear it's song though I don't recall (why).
Moon-colored sword, I name you "Traitor", from a dream I remember, and to which I am tied.

Upon the field, the Mabden have rode and they are ready to die for the Silvern Hand.

With this spear I have brought green back to my land,
and I've seen kings restored by a golden Oak and Ram.
With this steel I have brought doom upon my foes,
Now it seeks my heart and returns me to my home.


released March 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Eternal Champion Wimberley, Texas

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